All my otp ideas for the day mysteriously vanished on valentines day itself so I shall make do with jumping the 特別な気分 bandwagon=w=;;; 

Didn’t follow exactly because I kept thinking how the heck are they going to get a microphone and a broadcast system in the era which fe:a takes place- so I added Owain in, and the rest just, flowed in accordance to the epilogue hahaXD (I can’t type Owain; his manner of speech is far too advanced for me to mimic— so sorry><;) 

Have a happy valentines (otp) day! 

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By はきにくい靴の店

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This is honestly one of my hugest pet peeves— many people seem to have this ridiculous misconception that drawings made in ‘anime’ style are somehow automatically amateurish, childish, unoriginal, and somehow ‘not real art’. I simply fail to understand how it is any different from other forms of stylistic illustration— you draw inspiration from Western animation and cartoonists? I draw inspiration from Japanese animation and manga. A lot of people complain about anime-styled characters as having things like ‘big eyes’ or ‘unrealistic body proportions’— and Western-influenced illustrations don’t? Just as the illustration styles of series such as Cowboy Bebop very much imitate realistic body proportions, many characters in Western animation don’t (like Futurama). It’s just a different style of illustration, for Christ’s sake. ‘Anime’ artists spend just as much time developing their skills on technique, anatomy, perspective, understanding of color, value, light and shadow as any other illustrator. We work just as hard, and the range of our styles is enormous! I just don’t understand why such a prejudice exists when all logic can be applied to justifying it as a valid, genuine art form.

If I could spread any kind of awareness about unfair prejudice, this would be it. I feel like this is something that affects both me personally and many artists in our generation. Even many of my classmates back in high school and now in college have been stating that they just “don’t like anime”, even though they can’t really explain why. I want to erase that prejudice and show people that there is such amazing quality and potential in art and animation of this style.

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bad joke amon

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rage comics made by japanese students

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Since my first one was a hit, here’s a couple more…


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