apparently i drew crowley sassing lucifer about…. being the Serpent or something i think. but mostly about taking his hellish fashion choices to their full potential. get it together satan

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#he’s like this BECAUSE he saved the world you dick #don’t you get it #this is the reality of heroes #it’s not a ride off into the fucking sunset on a white horse with the girl on your arm #it’s giving everything #EVERYTHING #and being broken and dying in a psych ward #while the world goes on around you #completely oblivious#because you never even tried to get credit #you never tried to be thanked or even ACKNOWLEDGED #because being a hero doesn’t mean being applauded #it means saving the world and knowing you WON’T be applauded #knowing you’re giving everything #while gaining nothing #and doing it anyway #and that folks is why i fucking love sam winchester

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Well, it’s really hard to tell if Death refuses or accepts Luci’s rose…

This is the last one of the series, Luci & uncle Death! =D

I don’t always draw 3 sets of wings, but when I do…….it’s rly a bitch to draw x_x hope you like it!

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michael you are such a fucker

headcanon time: michael’s wings are like a california condor’s, lucifer’s are like secretary birds’

michael don’t dance on your brother… michael please, there are like a thousand paintings and statues of you doing it, don’t lie to me. michael…..

#this is why we can’t have nice things #don’t you want dad to come home? #just because he left you in charge doesn’t mean you can step on anyone you want #quoth gabriel to his other dick older brother #shortly before he ollied out of heaven and became a pagan god

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#jesus CHRIST satan no wonder God got sick of you all the time #you whiny brat #daddy look #daddy look at what i drew #daddy look at what i can do with my tongue #hey daddy #dad #papa #dad #look at me #PAY ATTENTION TO ME #GOD DAMN IT MICHAEL JUST TAKE LUCIFER TO THE PARK OR SOMETHING #GODDAMN I JUST NEED *TWO MINUTES* TO MYSELF


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i legitimately think lucifer is giving sam all these quips

though i like to think every once in awhile, sam gets one on his own

like the “strictly into dick now?” one - totally sam

and luci was like 

“nailed it, sam.”

and sam was like

“thanks, bro.”

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