color pallet challenge with all the trolls requested from last week!

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Why isn’t anyone talking about this???

Theres a competition to make HOMESTUCK T shirts and theres hardly anything submitted. It closes on 03/04/14 and the grand PRIZE IS at least $1000

no no no no please don’t enter this!!! oh gosh this is awful please don’t 

you don’t get ANY money from the sales of the shirts only like one little prize when you win it’s gross 

and they’re telling you it’s so great!! because you can get recognition for your artwork!!! but that’s not the point you’re not getting paid anything okay this is a legitimate problem so many artists are underpaid because businesses are all like here u go have a little money why are you complaining look at all this recognition u will get it’ll be gr8 for ur portfolio 

and they think it’s okay because so many artists just accept that and think that it’s fine but it’s so stupid and gross b/c they never pay as much as they should

plus it looks kinda sketchy tbh??? they say they’re working with hussie but he hasn’t said a word about it 

like this is the only mention of it ever nothing official has been said

please please don’t enter this it’s not going to be fun it’s bullshit they’re just trying to use you

actually, no. 

this is a legit contest, welovefine is a reputatable store and the contest prize money is the usual amount you would get paid for a one-off freelance job. it’s true that you are not paid for the revenue that the (likely limited edition) shirts would make, but that is. completely normal in the industry. the top prize amount is actually way more than an on-commission artist would USUALLY MAKE for a job like this. 

what pumpkin has not officially announced it yet, but i can assure you that they are partnered with welovefine. welovefine did the merchandise for namco high and is trustworthy. if this were not official, it would have probably been shut down within hours, whatpumpkin is very good about making sure of stuff like that.

 please don’t go spreading rumors and misinformation!!!!! 

i’m reblogging this to my art blog for wider reception, because i hate to see misinformation getting spread around in the tumblr chain. 

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I love ramen

dave’s fucking fork.

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I tried to make a matching Eridan one today because I am all about FLARP Vriska and Eridan

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aaah i’m still in love with grimdark rose

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고치고 싶ㅍ은게 많지만 신경쓰지 않겠음ㅁㅇㅈ

oh no theyre hot.

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트롤도 쫌만 더하면..8ㅅ8..기숙사가기싫엉..

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Au shenanigans! It doesn’t have a name yet but I’ve been tagging everything “tentarose” :B

She feels him coming from so many miles away. The play through the water, pressures and hints of distant eddies brushing against the sensitive cups of her tentacles, and in the cool and damp of her island cave, Rose frowns. This pirate. This absolute wretched ass of a pirate that refuses to stay away no matter how many times she’s dragged him down to the depths and broken his kleptomaniac fingers.

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I really love Vriska ok

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pixel Beta Kids in their rooms!

took me while but it was totally worth it ::D

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