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My nigga why is EVERYTHING too small for you tho? Your shoes can’t cover your ankles, your pants can’t cover your calves, and your shirt is desperately waiting for you to exhale. Nigga look like the hulk mid-transformation. Like he was gettin angry but then cooled off

Nigga struggling like shit to look casual
Nigga look like he one sneeze away from being naked.

baras are real

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samuel l. jackson is so adorable on twitter look at these old ppl selfies 

I can’t fucking breathe holy moly

I wanna take all my selfies like the one on the right. I wanna channel this energy all the time

Robert Downey Jr photographed by Greg Williams

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Why is that girl from Kill La Kill challenging Bro Strider cosplaying a cup of noodles to a game of Duel Monsters while Aoba from DMMD watches nervously and that blond guy from YGO 5D (I think) is plotting in the background.  

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Moroccan floral and lacy architecture

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While they all may look the same rolling towards the shore, photographer and Buddhist monk Syoin Kajii manages to capture the subtle differences between ocean waves. 

See the rest of his dramatic photographs from the series Nami below.

Buddhist Monk Captures Rolling Ocean Waves

via Feature Shoot

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Pokémon Crossing by luce-do-the-doodles

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omfg look at it’s lil feet

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The absence of women in history is man made.

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